šŸŖ™Faucet (Main net token)

Hey, builders! If you're developing on EVM chains and need a faucet to cover "Main net" transaction fees, we've got something special for you.

  1. Join Hunt Town (https://discord.gg/hunt-town), a Web3 builders' guild that Mint Club team operates.

  2. Create your builder profile to access all channels.

  3. In the Lounge channel, tag @Maintainer for assistance with using Faucet for mainnet tokens. Please mention you joined via hackathons/events that we host/support to receive 100 BUILD points for using Faucet.

  4. Visit the Faucet channel (in the TOOLBOX category) to claim $1 worth of "Main net" tokens for:

    ā€¢ ETH on Arbitrum, Optimism, Base ā€¢ MATIC on Polygon ā€¢ BNB on BNB Smart Chain

  5. This offer is limited to wallets with zero tokens, once every 24 hours. Need more? Tag @maintainer to receive additional BUILD points for Faucet use.

Don't spend your money just to test a simple transaction on the main net. Just use our Faucet šŸ˜

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