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Leverage the Mint Club protocol to create engaging Web3 social platforms on various EVM chains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Base, Blast, Arbitrum, Optimism, BNB Smart Chain, and Avalanche. You can build platforms akin to Friend.tech with ease and simplicity.

Mint Club enables the construction of both ERC20 and ERC1155 type tokens across these chains, offering vast possibilities for creative project development. Projects leveraging Mint Club protocol for other prize categories are welcome!


🏆 Prizes: $10,000 USD Prize Pool

  • 🥇 1st: $5,000

  • 🥈 2nd: $2,000

  • 🥉 3rd: $1,000

  • Participation award (1/n): $2,000 --> This will be shared among all valid submissions in the Mint Club category, divided equally (e.g., if there are 10 valid projects, each team or individual receives $200).

What is Mint Club?

Mint Club is a comprehensive bonding curve protocol that facilitates the creation of bonding curve-backed tokens or NFTs, simplifies liquidity pool management, and offers an easy-to-use interface for trading bonding curve assets. With our SDK, you can focus solely on the front-end development of your Web3 social app.

What You Can Do During the Hackathon?

  1. SocialFi Platform: You can create a platform like Friend.tech using Mint Club protocol, focusing just on the front-end part. Mint Club protocol can provide APIs and technical assistance to enable you to create your own next big trendy SocialFi DApp.

  2. Farcaster Frames: Farcaster has emerged as one of Web3's largest social platforms, boasting over 300,000 active users. A notable feature, Farcaster Frames, allows the creation of social DApps interacting directly with users' cast post content. Leveraging Mint Club, developers can effortlessly create Farcaster Frames, enabling users to create and trade bonding curve assets with ease.

  3. Community or DAO Project: Mint Club's bonding curve system is perfect for any type of community project that involves tokens or treasury funds. Using the bonding curve system, you won't need to worry about forming a decentralized liquidity pool (LP) because it automates LP formation for your community/DAO based on the demand for your token/NFT. The flexibility of the bonding curve design and the ability to set any ERC20 token as your project's base asset allow for various creative community/DAO project concepts.

  4. Web3 Game: Consider developing a gaming app that uses bonding curve-backed tokens/NFTs as items or gamifiable assets. With Mint Club protocol, you can focus solely on your game idea/interface. The tokens and protocol APIs can be assisted by the Mint Club dev team.

  5. No-code Challenge: Many think that Web3 projects always require developers, but this is not always true. You can design a complex smart contract-based Web3 project using Mint Club, entirely without coding. Create single or multi-asset projects linked together.

  6. Meme/Fan Tokens or NFTs: The bonding curve is an excellent tool for creating decentralized, community-centric meme token projects. The bonding curve-based LP is already decentralized as no single entity controls the pool's funds. With Mint Club, you can explore a variety of ideas for meme or fan token/NFT projects.

  7. DeFi on Bonding Curve: Over 97% of current DeFi protocols are based on AMM (Automated Market Maker)-based LPs. With the scarcity of bonding curve-based protocols, you can now gain a first-mover advantage by creating a DeFi platform on a Bonding Curve using the Mint Club protocol.

Best Examples

These examples only scratch the surface of what you can achieve with the Mint Club protocol. Mint Club offers extensive flexibility for designing your token economy and platform structures. For additional project ideas utilizing Mint Club, please refer to the document linked below.

💡pageProject Ideas

Judging Criteria

  1. Utilization of Mint Club

    • Does this project use the Mint Club protocol effectively?

  2. Impactful Concept/Idea

    • Does the project have the potential for significant growth?

    • Could it attract a large user base, substantial TVL, and on-chain transactions?

    • Is it an idea that people will talk about extensively?

  3. Product Quality

    • Is the prototype built during the hackathon well-made and easy to use?

    • Is the completion level impressive?

    • Is there a well-structured user flow and experience design?

  4. Future Execution

    • Is the project scalable?

    • Is the team motivated to launch and run it?

    • Does it have a well-designed business model?

Base Requirements

  1. Your project must use the Mint Club protocol (meaning your product should involve at least one bonding curve-backed token or NFT contract built by the Mint Club contract).

  2. Your product should run on the main net or test net that Mint Club currently supports.

  3. Each submission should include a short video describing the scope and functionality using Mint Club.

  4. The code must be viewable on GitHub (when your project uses smart contracts interacting with the Mint Club contract).


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