Mint Club


Q. What is Mint Club?

Mint Club is a smart token building platform that has no need to code and provides instant liquidity. Anyone can launch a smart token with just a few simple clicks. Website:

Q. Will MINT be burned?

No because it’s a smart token building platform, not a staking/farming platform. More details about this mechanism:
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    Mint Club is a smart token minting platform. You can create a token that’s instantly tradable as soon as you create it.
  2. 2.
    When you create a token, it’s connected with the bonding curve system with the TokenPrice = TokenSupply (y=x) bonding curve.
  3. 3.
    For example, if your token supply is 3,000, it means your token price is 3,000 MINT.
  4. 4.
    When someone buys your token, they use MINT tokens which go to the collateral asset, called "bonded in" assets.
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    You can set a max supply of 1 million tokens for your smart token. When a smart token reaches the 1M max supply, 500B MINT tokens will be bonded into the collateral contract. That is about 45% of the total supply of MINT. —> This is why we CANNOT burn any MINT tokens. If we burn MINT tokens, the max supply of smart tokens will be limited.

Q. The quantity of the token (1.1 Trillion) seems too high, why?

It's because MINT is used to back the value of each smart token. Please read the answer above.

Q. An unlocked wallet is holding 49.76% of the MINT/BNB LP, why?

This is not a yield farming platform. LP is provided purely to provide the liquidity of MINT, the utility token on Mint Club. Locking the LP is not simple and requires lots of resources to timelock in a secure way. This project doesn't need to use it as a "marketing" tactic to attract people. So, putting LP under a timelock is not a prioritised task, but we may change our direction if we need to later on. Also, the team holding MINT is very limited (because there were no free allocated MINT tokens for the team or any other people). Another reason is the limitations we would face if PancakeSwap upgrades the contract. If our LP was locked, we would not be able to migrate them to the v3 and we would have limited MINT tokens to add to the new pool.

Q. What wallets belong to the MINT team?

  • 0xcb3f3e0e992435390e686d7b638fcb8baba6c5c7 - Team holding for biz dev and marketing

Q. How does smart token trading work without LP?

This mechanism is possible due to the bonding curve and MINT collateral contracts as below:
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    All smart tokens have a built-in price bonding curve that provides a pre-set price on each token supply.
  2. 2.
    When a smart token is purchased, the price bonding curve calculates the amount of MINT to be paid and swapped between them. The paid MINT tokens are stored on the collateral contract of the smart token, and the amount of smart tokens are minted to the buyer in return.
  3. 3.
    When a smart token is sold, the price bonding curve calculates the amount of MINT to be given, and swapped between them by returning the MINT tokens to the seller and burning the sold smart tokens.
  4. 4.
    By following this method, the total supply of the smart tokens keeps increasing or decreasing whenever people buy or sell the tokens. More info about the mechanism —>

Q. Any plans for listing CEX?

We're focusing on the building of the smart token ecosystem first. But we're also looking for an opportunity to discuss with reputable centralised exchanges. However, we cannot announce listing plans until a public schedule is confirmed by an exchange, so please do not ask this question via our official channels.

Q. Roadmap of this project?

Check the document below.

Q. Who is the team behind this project?

Mint Club was launched by the HUNT team. You can find out more information here - Team information is included in the whitepaper in the above link.

Q. What is the total supply of MINT?

Total supply - 1,149,363,840,000 MINT
There will be no inflation for MINT tokens and the token minting function was renounced when the token was launched, meaning that no one including the team can issue more MINT tokens.

Q. Where can I buy/sell MINT?

Go to the PancakeSwap or Matcha.
  • PancakeSwap -
  • Matcha -"

Q. What is your price target?

If any admin/team member of any project provides a target price, it MUST be a scam project. Price comes with the product and value propositions, not by the shilling momentum.

Q. How old is this Project?

Mint Club was launched on July 13, 2021. We also went through a 2-weeks pre-sign up period. Please check out the document below.

Q. How to create a smart token on Mint Club?

Please check these tutorials below.
In order to list your smart token for 30 days on the Featured section of, you need to apply by using 50 CREATOR token. Please check how you can apply for via the following instruction.

Q. Where can I find information about token sales or investments?

There was no token sale, no investors, and no free team allocation when MINT tokens were launched. MINT token was ONLY minted by swapping HUNT token during the pre-sign up period. The swap required people to BURN their HUNT (Ethereum chain) tokens to receive MINT tokens (BSC) with a 1 : 100,000 ratio. During this period, a total of 10,775,286 HUNT tokens (about 2 million USD market value at that time) were burned to get MINT tokens.

Q. How were the funds raised during the ICO/IEO/Public Sale used?

The team did not run any fundraising. During the pre-sign up, the team also swapped their HUNT to MINT tokens (about 30% of the total supply). By using the tokens we swapped, we provided the MINT/WBNB liquidity pool on PancakeSwap, and the remainder (about 222B MINT tokens, 19% of the total supply) will be used for business development.