🆓Creator free minting

What is Creator Free Minting?

Creator Free Minting allows you to allocate a certain number of tokens/NFTs when issuing a bonding-curve backed asset on Mint Club. This portion, requiring no base asset payment for minting, is directly credited to your wallet at the asset's issuance. The set bonding curve takes effect after these free minted tokens.

Why Use Creator Free Minting?

Allocated tokens are ideal for private sales or community airdrops to promote your project's growth. Use our lock-up tool for contract-level lock-ups of these tokens for team allocations.

Setting Up Creator Free Minting

n the Bonding Curve Asset Wizard's curve design stage, toggle the "Do you want to set Creator Free Minting?" option to "Yes."

Activating this option adds a "Creator Free Minting" input field to the token specs section.

Inputting the free minting amount shows graph changes, with the light green line indicating the supply of free minting tokens. Consider the percentage of free minting tokens relative to the max minting supply.

For example, a 20% allocation (2 million of a 10 million max supply) is shown above.

The wizard reiterates your free minting allocation percentage at the page's bottom. Remember, you might need to justify these free minting tokens to your holders. Using Mint Club's Airdrop or Lock-up tools can help provide this justification.

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