🐸Klaytn Meme Coin Battle

Crypto's meme coin craze is ours to command! 🌐 Dive in and create with Klaytn, poised for Asia's mega-chain merge, and unleash the next web3 sensation! With a whopping $10,000 prize pool backed by the Klaytn Foundation, we're kicking off an epic meme coin extravaganza on Mint Club! 🎉 Let the Meme Coin Games begin!


  • Apr 19, 8:30pm KST: Intro session (in Korean) at BugCity Discord.

  • Apr 28, 6pm KST: Project application deadline.

  • Apr 29, 00:00:00 KST: Meme Coin Battle starts.

  • May 9, 9pm KST: Demo Day at BugCity Discord.

  • May 12, 23:59:59 KST: Meme Coin Battle ends.

  • May 17: Winners are announced.

Prize Pot

Total Prize: $10,000 in KLAY tokens


1) Narrative


This category focuses solely on the meme coin's concept, storytelling, and fun facts. Participants are required to present their projects on Demo Day, May 9, 2024.

2) On-chain Stats


Performance will be judged based on the incremental numbers of the following indicators during the battle period (April 29, 00:00 KST to May 12, 23:59 KST):

  • Trading Volume (Buy/Sell) - weighted 1.5x

  • Total Value Locked (TVL) - weighted 1.2x

  • Number of holders - weighted 1x

Only trading volume and TVL conducted through the Mint Club V2 protocol will be considered.

Total: $10,000Narrative: $3,000On-chain Stats: $7,000

1st place



2nd place



3rd place



4th place



5th place



How to Apply

  1. Like and quote repost the announcement below, mentioning that you are applying to the Meme Coin Battle: https://twitter.com/MintClubPro/status/1780492869335130168

  2. Deploy your Meme Coin using Mint Club. Please note that the project token link cannot be changed after submission.

  3. Submit the application form by April 28, 6 PM KST: https://forms.gle/n6993Cd1yL5gbewA9

Who Can Participate?

  • Eligibility: Any new or existing meme coin project on the Klaytn Network is eligible to apply. On-chain stats will only account for increments during the battle period.

  • Requirement: Meme coins must be issued from the Mint Club V2 platform.

  • Token Formats Accepted: Both ERC20 and ERC1155 formats are acceptable.

  • Eligibility for On-chain Stats Category: Projects must have $1,000 or more in Total Value Locked (TVL) to qualify.

  • Eligibility for Narrative Category: Projects must present during the Demo Day on May 9, 2024.

  • Prizes: A project can win prizes in both the On-chain Stats and Narrative categories.

Project Playground

We will establish a support network for your project through the following channels. Here, you'll receive the latest updates and any technical or operational assistance from the Mint Club team:

When you join the Hunt Town Discord, please follow these steps to access the support channel:

  1. Create a builder profile to unlock all channels.

  2. Go to the #subcommunities channel and click on the "Join a Community" button.

  3. Locate the Meme Coin Battle and join the community channel.

Trade on Telegram with Arrow Bot

Arrow Bot, which supports this Meme Coin Battle, is a Telegram-based trading bot designed to offer the lowest fees and the fastest, easiest trading experience available. Allow your holders to easily trade your meme coins using Arrow Bot on Telegram.

Please note: Arrow is a third-party app that supports the Mint Club platform. Mint Club does not have any control or ownership over the service. For any issues using the bot, please contact the service provider directly.


  • If a project is deemed to violate domestic laws, if the application form is falsely filled out, or if it significantly disrupts the operation of the competition by BugCity and Mint Club, participation may be canceled.

  • The Klaytn Foundation, Mint Club, and BugCity do not assume any legal responsibility for the activities of each meme coin project or related issues.

  • The Mint Club core team reserves the right to disqualify any projects found to be engaging in wash trading, using illegal bulk wallet addresses, self-dealing, or exhibiting signs of market manipulation.

  • Crypto assets are high-risk investments that may result in the total or partial loss of the invested funds. No one including the Klaytn Foundation, Mint Club, and BugCity will be responsible for any of your loss.

  • Prizes will only be paid to the wallet that created the tokens; receiving the prize in a different wallet is absolutely not possible.

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