👑Ownership Transfer

As the recognized owner of a bonding token or NFT asset on Mint Club, you have the following capabilities:

  1. Claim royalties accumulated since the wallet was designated as the owner.

  2. Update the project's logo image, bonding curve background image, and website information.

Note that transferring ownership to another wallet address will result in the loss of these capabilities.

Transfer the Ownership

To initiate an ownership transfer, go to the Creator Dashboard page and click the "Transfer Ownership" button for the asset whose ownership you wish to transfer.

In the prompted modal window, enter the wallet address to which you wish to transfer ownership.


  1. Ownership transfer requests are irreversible once processed.

  2. Claim any remaining creator royalties before transferring ownership.

Important to Note:

Information on the Mint Club website cannot be updated if ownership is transferred to a contract address.

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