❇️Minting (Buy)

On this page, we'll explore the process of minting (purchasing) a bonding curve token.

1) On the token detail page, view the complete bonding curve set by the creator on the left graph panel, and conduct buy/sell transactions on the right panel.

2) Ensure your wallet is on the correct blockchain network where the token is issued. If not, switch networks easily by clicking the network selection button at the top right.

3) Some tokens may have Creator Royalties set by their creator. You can review this information by clicking the info button.

4) To mint (buy) the token, click the "Buy" tab, and enter the desired token amount. The required base asset amount will be automatically calculated based on the bonding curve.

The bonding curve graph will indicate your intended minting position on the curve. Adjust the buy amount and observe the change in the colored area on the graph.

5) After deciding on the mint amount, click the Mint button. First-time buyers will need to approve spending. When you click Mint, a transaction confirmation pop-up will appear in your wallet. Proceed with the transaction to complete the minting.

6) You can add the minted tokens to your Metamask wallet by clicking the Add to Metamask button in the token page header section.

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