🦊Add to Metamask

Tokens issued from Mint Club are in ERC20 format (and ERC1155 for NFTs), making them compatible with Metamask wallets. There are two methods to add these tokens to Metamask for visibility:

1) Using the Add to Metamask Button on Mint Club Website

Each token detail page on Mint Club features an 'Add to Metamask' button in the header section. Clicking this button prompts a guide to add the token to your Metamask wallet.

2) Manual Addition Using the Token Contract Address

Find the token's contract address, indicated by an Etherscan logo, in the header section of its detail page. Clicking it takes you to the Etherscan page of the token.

Copy the token's contract address, open your Metamask wallet, and navigate to the 'Import tokens' button at the bottom of your token list. Paste the address here to manually add the token to Metamask.

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