Mint Club's lock-up tool allows you to set a specific period during which your tokens or NFTs are non-transferrable. This feature is particularly useful for demonstrating commitment with team-owned, free-minted tokens by locking them for a predetermined period. The lock-up status and details will be visible on your token detail page.

Locked-up tokens can be viewed by anyone, with information including the time remaining until unlock.

Setting Up Lock-Ups

To create a lock-up, connect your wallet and access the "Lock-up/Airdrop" menu.

On the Lock-up/Airdrop tool page, select "Create Lock-up."

Choose the asset type, blockchain network, and the specific token/NFT for the lock-up.

Name your lock-up, set the number of tokens/NFTs to lock, and specify the unlock time.

To designate a different recipient address, toggle the switch and input the chosen wallet address.

Ensure all details are correct before deploying, as lock-ups cannot be cancelled once initiated. The tokens will become unlockable only after the set period.

After deploying the lock-up, you can manage it from your dashboard, accessible via the bottom tab on the lock-up tool page. This dashboard allows you to monitor the current status and claim the unlocked tokens/NFTs.


When a tokens/NFTs become unlockable (meaning that the set lock-up period has completed), the "Claim Now" button is active and you can claim them back.


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