😍Benefits for Creators

Mint Club offers three significant advantages for asset creators compared to issuing tokens or NFTs and forming liquidity pools manually on AMM (Automated Market Maker) platforms.

1) Automatic Liquidity Pool via Bonding Curve (Instantly Tradable)

A Bonding Curve eliminates the need for a manual liquidity pool. Generally, creating tradable tokens involves using AMM platforms like Uniswap or PancakeSwap and dedicating substantial funds to liquidity pools, which requires significant initial investment and technical know-how.

In contrast, the minting/burning mechanism in the bonding curve contract makes tokens or NFTs instantly tradable upon creation. You can also design your tokenomics by setting the price-supply curve, allowing for autonomous operation without relying on exchanges, centralized control, or order books.

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2) Flexibility in Bonding Curve Design and Base Asset Selection on EVM Chains

Mint Club lets you fully control the design of bonding curve tokens or NFTs without coding. Choose curve types, adjust price variation intervals, and set key specifications like initial/final minting price and maximum supply. Launch your asset on various Layer 1 and 2 networks, using any ERC20 token as the base asset.

This flexibility allows you to craft your token's journey, setting precise supply-price points in the bonding curve with your chosen ERC20 base asset on EVM-based networks. This maximizes your potential to design diverse token economies.

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3) Easy Monetization with Creator Royalties

Mint Club's contract includes a feature for token/NFT creators: Creator Royalties. Set royalties between 0% and 50% for minting or burning your token or NFT, which then accumulate automatically in the owner's address. This feature facilitates direct monetization of your project.

Moreover, you can differentiate royalty percentages for minting and burning transactions. For instance, you might set 0.3% for minting and 0.7% for burning an NFT, offering diverse monetization strategies through Mint Club.

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