Mint Club


Mint Club is a smart token building platform that has no need to code and provides instant liquidity. Anyone can launch a smart token with just a few simple clicks.

What made us build Mint Club?

1) DeFi system is NOT as easy as ABC.

DeFi has had a significant impact on the building of token economies. But it’s still complicated for most people to launch a new token, create/add to a liquidity pool, and trade tokens. Plus, you need a technical background to build up smart contract-backed tokenomics. We believe that this complexity is blocking the mass adoption of DeFi.

2) Most tokens don’t come with a fair launch.

Rug pull or malicious token pump/dump schemes have mainly originated from unfair token launches. Most of them set a large token allocation for the team with a zero acquisition cost, which can be easily dumped out on the market later on. We’re working on a decentralised token building platform with a fair launch system so that both token creators and holders can form healthy crypto-economics.

Key benefits

1) A no code smart contract-backed token builder.

Mint Club empowers anyone to build a Smart contract-backed token with just a few simple clicks and no need to code. You set the token name, symbol, max minting supply, and descriptions. The other complicated parts will be automatically done by the protocol.

2) Bonding curve removes the need for liquidity providing or market-making.

The algorithmic price curve enables tokens to be purchased or liquidated (sold) at any time, directly through the smart contract. All smart tokens have a collateral contract where the value of the token is backed by MINT token.

3) A botherless swap interface with the lowest possible fees.

Mint Club provides one of the most user-friendly interfaces in the decentralised environment. Each smart token has its swap page with excellent token descriptions, and it has a one-click shareable link (i.e. Also, they are built on Binance Smart Chain, which has x35 cheaper gas fees. Plus, we designed the most straightforward possible scripts on our smart contracts to streamline the cost structure.

4) Referrers take 100% trading commissions.

Any user can create a referral link to invite friends to Mint Club. When someone visits Mint Club via the referral link and connects his/her wallet, all of his/her trading fees will automatically go to the referrer’s wallet whenever a trading transaction is made. Plus, this is a lifetime bonus.

Is Mint Club safe? Has it been audited?

Mint Club smart contracts have completed the audit process by SOOHO, one of the top security auditors.
The protocol’s security is our top priority, so we have put maximum effort into reviewing possible risk scenarios. However, that does not mean that using Mint Club comes without risk.
Please use Mint Club at your own risk. You may meet unexpected smart contract issues. Please do your own research before deciding to use this platform. All contract codes and transactions are publicly verifiable. We are not liable for any financial loss.
Last modified 2yr ago