🏦Mint Club V2 Community Contract Audit: A Recap


Mint Club successfully conducted a community-driven security audit for the Mint Club V2 contract, calling upon the expertise of Solidity developers globally. This initiative was not only an opportunity to enhance the contract's security but also served as a platform for collaboration and learning within the developer community.

Participation and Process

The audit process was an inclusive event, inviting participants to:

  • Review the codebase

  • Submit findings and suggestions

  • Collaborate and engage with fellow developers

The event was structured with key dates, including a submission deadline on 22nd December 2023, and a bounty distribution scheduled for 26th December 2023. Developers were incentivized with the prospect of sharing a bounty pool of up to $30,000 USDT.

Contributions and Recognition

The community audit witnessed active participation from 15 dedicated developers, who contributed significantly to the review process by reporting 59 issue reports. Their invaluable inputs played a crucial role in enhancing the overall security and robustness of the Mint Club V2 contract

Reward Distribution

An evaluation of all contributions was conducted, taking into account the significance and effort behind each review. A reward distribution table was established, ensuring fair compensation for the participants. The rewards were distributed on the 26th of December, in line with the original schedule.

The successful conclusion of this audit not only represented a significant milestone for Mint Club but also fostered a sense of community and shared accomplishment among all participants, helping to reinforce the security level of the Mint Club protocol.

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