☘️ETHDublin x Mint Club

Mint Club Bounty for ETHDublin 2024 Hackathon

🏆 Prizes: $2,000 USDC Prize Pool

Two projects that utilize the Mint Club protocol most effectively will receive $1,000 USDC each.

Requirements: Projects must directly use Mint Club's SDK (https://sdk.mint.club/) for their product, or interact with the Mint Club contract (https://github.com/Steemhunt/mint.club-v2-contract).

Explore project ideas using Mint Club below. You can apply these concepts to your ETHDublin main category challenge.

💡pageProject Ideas

For example, develop a platform like Friend.tech for buskers in Ireland, allowing musicians to tokenize their gigs. The price of their tipping token could increase based on the popularity of their gigs or how they utilize the token.

About Mint Club

Mint Club enables the creation of tradable tokens (ERC20) and NFTs (ERC1155) without the need for manual liquidity pool creation. As soon as an asset is launched, it becomes instantly tradable, with liquidity pools (LP) operating automatically based on demand.

Mint Club supports the following 12 EVM chains:

  • Ethereum

  • Base

  • Arbitrum

  • Avalanche

  • Optimism

  • Blast

  • BNB Chain

  • Polygon

  • Klaytn

  • Degen Chain

  • Zora Chain

  • Cyber Connect

Developers can use our SDK to build Social Apps or utilize the Mint Club protocol for token/NFT creation and trading systems.

DApp example made by using Mint Club SDK: https://far.cards/

Any Farcaster can create a card for for free in frame, this trading card is then available for others to trade. Each card has a max supply of 1000 with a twist, each collection is on a bonding curve from Mint Club protocol.

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