🔥Burning (Sell)

This page delves into the process of burning (selling) a bonding curve token.

1) On the token detail page, the bonding curve set by the creator is displayed on the left graph panel, with buy/sell transaction options on the right panel.

2) Make sure your wallet is connected to the correct blockchain network for the token. If not, you can switch networks by clicking the network selection button in the top right corner.

3) Some tokens may include Creator Royalties. Click the info button to review this detail.

4) To burn (sell) your token, select the "Sell" tab and enter the amount you wish to burn. The system will automatically calculate the base asset amount you'll receive, based on the bonding curve.

The graph will show your selling position on the curve. Adjust the sell amount and note the changes indicated by the vertical dotted lines.

5) Once you've decided on the amount to burn, click the Burn button. If it's your first time selling, you’ll need to approve spending. Clicking Burn prompts a transaction confirmation pop-up in your wallet. Complete the transaction to burn the tokens. The tokens will be burned, and you will receive the corresponding base asset in your wallet.

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