Mint Club

Fair Launch Tokens

On the Mint Club platform, we have set a fair launch foundation for MINT token (the key currency on Mint Club) and Smart Tokens created by the Mint Club protocol via the following principles:

1) MINT token has no token sale, no investors, and no free team allocation.

The initial supply of MINT tokens set ONLY based on the following categories during the pre-sign up period: 1) HUNT to MINT token swap, 2) MINT community airdrop and 3) our team’s HUNT to MINT token swap. There was no zero acquisition cost MINT allocations for the team. In other words, the team also burned their HUNT tokens to get MINT tokens via the HUNT to MINT token swap.

2) Community earns 100% of all trading fees, NOT the team.

We set the trading fee structure to fit the decentralised protocol. There is a sell tax of 1.3% and a buy tax of 0.3% when a user swaps Smart Tokens, and all of the fees go to the community, not the team.
First of all, anyone can share his/her referral link and take all of the trading fees accrued from the referred users who trade smart tokens. Also, the trading fees go to the default beneficiary wallet if the swap transaction has been made by a user not referred by anyone and is added to the quarterly HUNT burning system.
Mint Club is a public protocol, so anyone can create their own web interface that interacts with the Smart Tokens on Mint Club and can set any wallet as the default beneficiary to make a profit model.

3) All smart tokens have NO free allocation.

One of the most significant drawbacks of the public token launch is the centralised token distribution. Many tokens set a large portion of the token ownership from the initial supply with a zero acquisition cost, which can easily be dumped in the market later (a “Rug pull”).
In Mint Club, rug pulling is difficult because there is NO free allocation of the initial supply of the token creation. Even the token creator must pay the cost set by the price bonding curve to buy his/her tokens in the same way other people do.