Mint Club

Trading Fees / Referral

There are trading fees for swapping Smart Tokens as below:
  • 1.3% of sell amount
  • 0.3% of buy amount
These fees will automatically go to either of the following wallet address:
  1. 1.
    Referrer’s wallet address if the person who swapped had joined via a referral link, or
  2. 2.
    Default beneficiary wallet address to be used to burn HUNT tokens.
Mint Club is one of the DApps on the HUNT Platform, so ALL of the trading fees that the default beneficiary wallet earns from the swap transactions will be added to the HUNT token quarterly burning.
Also, Mint Club protocol is a free, public, open-source software. Anyone can create their own web interface that interacts with the Smart Tokens on Mint Club and set any wallet as the default beneficiary to make a profit model.