📄About Platform Tokens

Mint Club features distinct platform tokens that enhance its functionality and the bonding curve pool ecosystem. These tokens, bonded by the primary token MINT, play a pivotal role in the platform. As the Mint Club ecosystem expands, additional platform tokens may be introduced using MINT as the base asset.

1) MINT (Primary Token)

MINT is the core platform token of Mint Club and plays a crucial role in the Mint Club ecosystem. To enhance functionality and promote the use of the bonding curve mechanism across the Web3 world, Mint Club has created platform tokens that are issued with MINT as the base asset. This approach ties the value of the MINT primary token to the increasing usage and features of the ecosystem.


2) MINTDAO (Governance Token)

MINTDAO, serving as a governance token, empowers holders to propose and vote on significant protocol changes. To strengthen its governance, 50% of the protocol's revenue is directed towards buying and burning MINTDAO tokens.


3) CREATOR (Premium Features)

CREATOR, a utility token, is specifically tailored for creators of bonding curve tokens/NFTs on the Mint Club platform, providing access to premium features. Importantly, 100% of the platform's revenue generated from these features is dedicated to burning CREATOR tokens.


4) GRANT (Ecosystem Funding)

GRANT is dedicated to ecosystem funding, aiding in the rapid development of bonding curve projects and supporting creators. The remaining 50% of the protocol's revenue is used to purchase GRANT tokens.


In addition, more than 4,700 bonding curve assets from Mint Club V1 utilize MINT as their foundational asset. Please explore them via https://mint.club/explore/bnbchain/0x1f3Af095CDa17d63cad238358837321e95FC5915.

Buy-Back from Protocol/Platform Revenue

To bolster the value of the Mint Club ecosystem, we dedicate protocol and platform revenue to three primary buy-back initiatives:

ItemAllocation RatePurpose

MINTDAO Buy-Back & Burn

50% of the protocol revenue

Strengthen governance role

GRANT Buy-Back

50% of the protocol revenue

Marketing & GRP (GRANT Reward Program),

Cooperate Fund

CREATOR Buy-Back & Burn

100% of the platform revenue

Facilitate premium features

Half of Mint Club's protocol revenue is allocated for purchasing and burning MINTDAO tokens, enhancing their governance significance. The remaining 50% is directed towards buying back GRANT tokens. This strategy is designed to stabilize the token value and align it with the platform's success. As Mint Club expands, this buy-back model not only supports the platform's growth but also benefits associated bonding curve projects.

Protocol Revenue Beneficiary Wallets: 0x82CA6d313BffE56E9096b16633dfD414148D66b1

Protocol revenues will be promptly claimed and transferred to the beneficiary wallet for each supported chain by Mint Club. Additionally, the Mint Club website will offer a range of premium features, with CREATOR tokens serving as the payment method. All platform revenues generated through these features will be fully reinvested into burning the CREATOR platform tokens.

Important to Note:

The core team reserves the right to pause or modify the Buy-Back from Protocol/Platform Revenue program at any time if operational circumstances necessitate.

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