💰GRANT Reward Program (GRP)

The GRANT Reward Program (GRP) incentivizes community-led growth for Mint Club by rewarding members for valuable contributions across various areas. This program encourages active participation in the allocation of GRANT funds for each contribution.

To buy or sell GRANT tokens, visit the Mint Club platform here:

This guide outlines how to participate in GRP activities, submit proposals, and secure GRANT funding for your contributions.

GRP Scopes

When proposing a project, select from the following GRP scopes:

  1. Marketing activities

  2. Development of third-party tools or interfaces using the Mint Club protocol

  3. Establishment of local communities

  4. Activities that promote growth

Proposal Process

To receive GRANT funding, proposals must undergo a two-step process, with funding distributed as follows:

Proposal PhasePurposeGRANT payout


Launch your project and outline your execution plan.

25% of your requested GRANT tokens.


Conclude your project and detail your achievements.

75% of your requested GRANT tokens.

Upon approval of your [Initiate] proposal through Snapshot voting, you’ll receive 25% of your requested GRANT tokens as an initial project incentive. Following project completion and submission of the [Close] proposal, detailing outcomes, the remaining 75% of GRANT tokens will be disbursed upon approval.


To submit a GRP proposal, you need an Ethereum wallet and a minimum of 10 GRANT tokens on the BNB Smart Chain.

Proposal Format

Proposals must be written in English. Proposals in other languages will be disregarded. Also, you need to strictly follow the guidelines below for the title and content of your proposal.

Once you submit the GRANT proposal, please reach out to j@hunt.town with the subject "Mint Grant Program Submission."

1. [Initiate] Proposal Phase

This phase introduces your project to the community, requiring detailed information. Adhere to this format and include all listed items in your proposal.

  • Title: [Initiate] + Your Project Title (e.g., [Initiate] ETHTaipei Hackathon Support)

  • Project Owner Identity: Your Telegram Username from the Mint Club Official Telegram channel (e.g., @theproject7)

  • GRP Scope: Select one of the outlined GRP Scopes (e.g., 4. Establishment of local communities)

  • Abstract: A concise summary of your project, limited to three sentences.

  • Total GRANT Amount: The total GRANT tokens requested.

  • Detailed Project Descriptions: Elaborate on your project and its potential to contribute to Mint Club's growth. Include:

    • Execution steps

    • Expected outcomes

    • Connection to Mint Club's growth

    • Reference materials

  • About You (or Your Team): Your professional background and links to social profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn, Warpcast, etc.) to validate your capability.

  • Project Timeline: Outline the key milestones and completion date for your project.

2. [Close] Proposal Phase

This phase concludes your project, showcasing the impact of your contributions on Mint Club's growth with concrete evidence. Ensure to include all required items in your proposal as per the format below.

  • Title: [Close] + Your Project Title (e.g., [Close] ETHTaipei Hackathon Support)

  • [Initiate] Proposal Link: Provide the link to your [Initiate] phase proposal on Snapshot

  • Abstract: Summarize your project's activities and outcomes in no more than three sentences.

  • Detailed Result Descriptions: This section is crucial for persuading voters of the value and success of your project, justifying the full GRANT payout you sought. Include:

    • Achievements and completed tasks

    • Detailed evidence of project outcomes

    • How the project contributed to Mint Club's growth

    • Any relevant reference materials


Proposals will be subject to these default voting configurations:

  • Voting Type: Basic voting

  • Voting Period: Two weeks from submission date

  • Choices: For, Against, and Abstain

  • Minimum Voting Power: Proposals need at least 10,000 GRANT voting amounts to pass.

GRANT Payout Terms

  1. Upon successful proposal approval (achieved by surpassing the minimum voting requirement and obtaining the highest percentage of 'For' votes), the Mint Club core team will assess your activities and issue the GRANT payout within 7 business days following the proposal's conclusion.

  2. The GRANT payout is subject to cancellation if the team identifies significant issues with project execution, including:

    • Illegal project operations.

    • Discovery of misleading or false information in the proposal.

    • Attempts to abuse the platform ecosystem or negatively impact its environment.

  3. GRANT tokens are exclusively disbursed to the BSC wallet address of the proposal initiator; requests to send to alternative addresses will be declined.

  4. The distribution of GRANT payouts is divided between the [Initiate] proposal phase (1/4) and the [Close] proposal phase (3/4). This distribution ratio is fixed and cannot be altered.

  5. Proposals must adhere to the two-phase submission process detailed above. Proposals not following this structured approach will be disqualified.

  6. Adherence to the prescribed proposal format is compulsory. Proposals not conforming to these criteria will be disqualified, regardless of their content or voting results.

  7. The core team retains the authority to pause or alter the GRP program at any time, should operational needs require it.

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