MINTDAO is the governance token of Mint Club protocol, playing a crucial role in the protocol's decision-making process. It empowers holders to influence protocol changes, embodying a community-driven governance approach. Additionally, to reinforce its role in governance, 50% of the protocol's revenue is allocated to buying and burning MINTDAO tokens.

Token Information

MINTDAO, a BEP20 token, was issued on the BNB Chain with the MINT token as its base asset, utilizing the bonding curve through the Mint Club V1 contract.

To buy or sell MINTDAO tokens, visit the Mint Club platform here:

Governance Token

As a governance token, MINTDAO enables holders to propose and vote on important updates or changes within Mint Club. This empowers users with a direct impact on the platform's development, ensuring that changes align with community interests.

You can vote on each proposal via the Snapshot page below:

Please refer to the following document on how to submit a DAO proposal:

📔pageSubmit a DAO proposal

Buy-Back & Burn from Protocol Revenue

To support the value of MINTDAO, 50% of Mint Club protocol revenue is used to purchase and burn these tokens. This approach helps maintain the token's stability and ties its value to the success of the platform. As Mint Club grows, this buy-back model benefits both the platform and its governance system.

Important to Note:

The core team reserves the right to pause or modify the Buy-Back from Protocol Revenue program at any time if operational circumstances necessitate.

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