Mint Club
Pre-sign Up (finished)
Mint Club is set to launch during 3Q 2021. Before the main launch, we’re running a pre-sign up period for people to swap/earn MINT tokens - the key currency at Mint Club. MINT is a non-inflationary BEP20 based token on the Binance Smart Chain used for collateral assets in Mint Club.
Pre-sign up period: June 15 - 29, 2021

There are two ways for you to get MINT tokens during the pre-sign up period.

MINT initial supply

MINT token is a non-inflationary token, which means that there will be no further minting once the initial supply has been set. The following categories will determine the amount of the initial MINT supply during the pre-sign up period, and there will be no change afterwards.
    Swapped MINT from HUNT tokens → This will be the base supply.
    MINT airdrop → 10% of the base supply will be additionally allocated.
    Initial LP and business development fund → HUNT team will also swap their HUNT to MINT tokens with 50% of the base supply used for the initial liquidity pool on PancakeSwap, as well as further business development.
For example,
    Total burnt HUNT = 5M HUNT
    Total swapped MINT = 500B MINT (base supply)
    Airdrop pool = 50B MINT (10% of the base supply)
    LP and business development fund = 250B MINT (50% of the base supply)
    Total initial supply = 800B MINT
(This is just an example. The actual initial supply will be varied based on the HUNT to MINT swap result).
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