The CREATOR token is a utility token designed for Mint Club token creators to access premium features developed by the Mint Club core team. It's utilized on the Mint.club website to unlock various enhanced functionalities. Upcoming premium features accessible with the CREATOR token (subject to changes during development) include:

  1. Personalized Asset Page Design: Customize your asset page on Mint.club with options like adding a banner image and altering theme colors.

  2. Visibility Auctions: Bid for top placements to boost your asset's visibility on the asset list page.

  3. Access to Pro Features: Unlock advanced capabilities reserved for premium users.

  4. Custom Pages/Interfaces: Develop tailored interfaces for your project, like a cross-chain whitelist interface, ideal for managing airdrops.

As new premium features are introduced to the platform, detailed instructions and guidelines will be updated in the documentation provided below.

Premium features are not fully implemented yet. A detailed user guide for accessing these features will be provided after the public main launch of the Mint Club V2 platform.

Important to Note:

Token assets that contravene laws in their respective jurisdictions are prohibited from accessing premium features, regardless of CREATOR tokens used for unlocking. In case of legal issues, we reserve the right to remove such premium features without prior notice, and any spent tokens will be non-refundable.

Token Information

CREATOR, a BEP20 token, was issued on the BNB Chain with the MINT token as its base asset, utilizing the bonding curve through the Mint Club V1 contract.

To buy or sell CREATOR tokens, visit the Mint Club platform here:

CREATOR Token Burn from Platform Revenue

To sustain premium features and ensure optimal platform usability, we burn 100% of the platform revenue generated through CREATOR tokens.

Important to Note:

The core team reserves the right to pause or modify the Buy-Back from Platform Revenue program at any time if operational circumstances necessitate.

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