📔Submit a DAO proposal

Mint Club DAO proposals can be submitted using the Snapshot tool. This document will guide you on submitting a proper proposal and discuss the criteria involved.


To submit a proposal, you need an Ethereum wallet address and at least 1,000 MINTDAO tokens on the BNB Smart Chain.

Proposal Criteria

Mint Club DAO proposals are vital for suggesting modifications within the Mint Club protocol to the core contributors. Since Mint Club contracts are not upgradable to ensure maximum security, it's important to determine whether your proposal requires new contract deployment or a mere parameter adjustment.

There are three main proposal categories:

  1. Parameter Modifications: Some parameters in the Mint Club protocol can be altered without deploying a new contract. These include changes to the token creation fee and the maximum creator royalty range for new asset creation.

  2. Chain Support Changes: Proposals can suggest adding support for new blockchain networks or discontinuing support for existing ones.

  3. New Contract Development: Proposals can involve deploying entirely new contracts, not limited to the core bonding curve contract but also including additional tools like airdrop/lock-up mechanisms.

Proposal Format

Proposals must be written in English. Proposals in other languages will be disregarded. A template will guide you in framing your proposal as follows:

  • Abstract: Summarize your proposal in no more than three sentences.

  • Criteria: Identify which of the three categories your proposal falls into.

  • Motivation: Justify the need for this proposal.

  • Specification: Provide a detailed description of the platforms and technologies used. Elaborate on your design decisions, consider alternative designs, and reference similar implementations in other projects or languages if relevant.

  • Steps to Implement: Outline the steps required to realize the proposal, including any necessary involvement from core contributors.


The proposal will include the following default voting settings:

  • Voting Type: Basic voting

  • Voting Period: Two weeks starting from the date of submission

  • Choices: For, Against, and Abstain

  • Minimum Voting Power: Proposals require a minimum of 20,000 MINTDAO voting amounts to pass and proceed to the post-vote proposal evaluation process.

Post-Vote Proposal Evaluation

After a proposal has passed through DAO voting, core contributors undertake a detailed evaluation process, focusing on the practicality and impact of the proposed changes. This evaluation is crucial for ensuring that any modifications align with the technical capabilities and overarching goals of the Mint Club protocol.

  • Technical Viability: The feasibility of implementing the proposal is assessed, taking into account the required technical resources, potential barriers, risks, and estimated timelines.

  • Benefit Analysis: The potential benefits of the proposal are weighed against its feasibility. To proceed, the advantages must significantly surpass the associated costs, resources, and risks.

  • Simplicity and Security: A key principle of the Mint Club is to maintain a straightforward and secure contract structure. Proposals that would unduly complicate the protocol, irrespective of their potential benefits, will not be approved.

Important Notes:

  1. The original dev team of the Mint Club protocol do not have ownership of the contract, which limits the scope for modifications due to its non-upgradable nature. Consequently, proposals requiring changes to the contract code are less likely to be accepted.

  2. Proposals must fall within the three designated categories: Parameter Modifications, Chain Support Changes, or New Contract Development. Proposals outside these areas will be automatically disqualified.

  3. Compliance with the specified proposal format is mandatory. Proposals failing to meet these guidelines will be disregarded, regardless of the content or the outcome of the voting process.

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