MINT, the primary base token for Mint Club platform tokens, was issued on the BNB Smart Chain via the Mint Club V1 contract. It was created to enhance functionality and promote the bonding curve mechanism in the Web3 world through the Mint Club platform.

MINT Token Economy

Currently, MINT is directly associated with three platform utility tokens: MINTDAO for governance, CREATOR for accessing premium features, and GRANT for ecosystem funding. Additionally, over 4,700 bonding curve assets issued by the Mint Club V1 contract use MINT as their base asset.

MINT's core economic model is closely tied to the growth of both the protocol and the platform, facilitated by the use of platform utility tokens. The system is designed to increase the usage of MINT tokens within the liquidity pools of these utility tokens. This increased usage is particularly noticeable when there's more trading of bonding assets and when premium features are utilized.

Since the total supply of MINT tokens is fixed and will not increase, a rise in protocol and platform usage is expected to lead to a reduction in the number of MINT tokens circulating in the market. Essentially, as the platform expands and more of its features are used, the available supply of MINT tokens in the market is likely to decrease.

Mint Club Platform Tokens

Token NameUtilityMint Club Token Page


Serving as a governance token, empowers holders to propose and vote on significant protocol changes.


Granting creators access to premium features within the Mint Club platform


Aiding in the rapid development of bonding curve projects and supporting creators

MINT Total Supply

The MINT token is non-inflationary, meaning no additional minting will occur after its initial supply is established. The total supply of MINT is 1,149,363,840,000, set during the pre-sign up period based on specific categories.




1. HUNT → MINT Swap

HUNT holders swapped their tokens to MINT tokens, and this became the `base supply`.

718,352,400,000 MINT

2. Community airdrop

10% of the base supply was additionally allocated for the community.

71,835,240,000 MINT

3. Initial LP and business development fund

The team also swapped their HUNT to MINT tokens with 50% of the base supply.

359,176,200,000 MINT


1,149,363,840,000 MINT

Mint Club V1 Pre-sign Up

Mint Club V1, launched on July 13, 2021, enables the creation of BEP20 tokens on the BNB Smart Chain using MINT as the sole base asset. These bonding tokens all share MINT as their base asset and employ a y=x linear bonding curve without a customizable interface.

Before the official launch, a pre-sign up event occurred from June 15 to June 29, 2021. In this phase, MINT tokens were issued exclusively through HUNT token swaps, originating as a DApp on the Hunt Town platform. Notably, MINT had no token sale, no investors, and no free team allocation. For the complete history of the MINT token launch, refer to the link below:

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