GRANT is dedicated to ecosystem funding, aiding in the rapid development of bonding curve projects and supporting creators. 50% of the protocol's revenue is used to purchase GRANT tokens in order to form sustainable marketing funds, GRANT Reward Program (GRP), and Corporate Fund.

To buy or sell GRANT tokens, visit the Mint Club platform here:

1) Marketing Funds

To run a successful Web3 project, it's essential to run dedicated marketing activities, and some of them may require cost or incentives. The core team of Mint Club will utilise accumulated GRANT tokens for the marketing activities in a variety of areas.

2) GRANT Reward Program (GRP)

Mint Club is committed to fostering community-driven growth through the GRANT Reward Program (GRP). This program rewards valuable community contributions in specified areas with GRANT tokens:

💰pageGRANT Reward Program (GRP)

GRP proposals are subject to review and voting by GRANT token holders on the Snapshot page provided below.

3) Corporate Fund

The GRANT tokens purchased are also allocated for covering the core team's operational costs, essential for running the business.

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